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et coached to success


Starting out without a mentor is why most entrepreneurs are struggling.

Why do it alone when you can be guided by experienced businessmen?

You will make fewer mistakes and build a disruptive brand, faster & easier.

Every successful company today still has an advisory board of several dignitaries of great entrepreneurs
because, as you know,
it is safer to implement an idea while being guided by those who have done it before.

Would you rather make so many mistakes, waste so much precious time & money
trying to reinvent the wheel or would you want to be coached/guided by an
experienced founder, who knows what step to take, when and how?

Most entrepreneurs who weren't privileged to have a mentor either walk into the business world blindfolded, spending years to learn the ropes the hard way and probably running their first, second and third businesses to the ground before knowing the right steps to take or they completely abandon their ideas due to frustrations of not knowing where to start.

This is designed for DOERS only.

This is only for serious entrepreneurs who are very quick to execute and implement ideas but need a guide/coach/mentor/advisor/consultant to walk them through the journey towards building/growing their businesses. If you are a procrastinator, just a thinker or you are looking for someone to convince you into working on your entrepreneurship journey, well, we are sorry for you because you will never make it in the business world until you sit up.

This is not a training program!

No one will sit you down in a class to tutor you on the basics of business. At least not here anyway. This is going to be more of a guided journey that is not limited to some class. You will have to be practically involved in setting up your business in the real world. And you will have several one-on-one guidance as you hit one milestone after the other until you have your business functioning error-free and no longer need help.

What else will you gain?

Business resources such as cloud computing setup to help you deploy your digital assets and services such as branding, digital marketing, incorporation...
You will also be added to a community of other entrepreneurs like you to help you broaden your business.
When diving into entrepreneurship, there are certain things that need to be crossed off the checklist and these include;

Business Idea
While many business concepts are derived from already existing solutions, a few fresh ideas are born every day and a lot of those coming up with these ideas never get to bring them to live until someone else picks up on that same idea or something similar, builds a business around it and become a competitor. Although some unicorn brands became empires due to the idea behind them, it's very important as an entrepreneur to focus more on implementation rather than the idea itself. Not everyone needs to be an inventor. Most successful businesses today were actually built on improving an already existing product - innovation. In fact, it's far easier to do this than trying to reinvent the wheel since such ideas have been tested. However, you also need to understand that too much competition is bad for business so, except you can really disrupt the industry, certain ideas are best left for those working on them. This means you can't just pick up any idea and conclude that its business-worthy.
When you sign up to be part of this program, you will learn how to choose the right business idea, validate it, improve it and layout the best execution plan for the business.

No. This is not even about evaluating your business idea. It's more about evaluating yourself. You have to start asking yourself questions like; Why are you becoming an entrepreneur? Why choose this idea? Do you have the domain expertise to execute it? Are you even passionate about it? Do you think this is the right time to start this business? Why do you think you are the right person to do it? How long do you think you can keep chasing this dream before quitting, assuming you haven't made any money from it yet? Until you can sincerely give the right answer to these questions, please consider sticking to employment. No, that's not harsh. The business world is like a battleground and only those with the right mindset, courage, zeal & perseverance will survive. Building a brand is challenging and except you are running small businesses like barbershops, boutiques etc. you have to focus more on creating solutions that bring in real value to your customers so, if your main aim of becoming an entrepreneur is because you want to make money, you can as well quit now.
When you sign up to be part of this program, you will gain insights into what it means to be an entrepreneur while learning how to priorities your objectives like a successful one.

Branding is the first thing that differentiates a company from a small business. Indeed, many small businesses these days design logos, business cards and the likes but that is not what building a brand is even about. Turning your idea into a brand starts from the little details including the colours you associate with your product. Your dealings have to be organized, well-packaged & professional. Of course, you have to create a logo that not only stand-out but also appeals to your target customers and is very easy to recognize and associate with all your transactions. Then, there comes your website, business pages (on Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn etc). Hell, even your business name will help determine how much of a brand you are or not. I mean take a look at all the major brands worldwide such as Toyota, Twitter, (Even the long names such as Guarantee Trust Bank, found a way to simplify it to GTB or GTBank). Choosing a name like 'Rumuokoro & Sons Telecommunication network distribution company Nigeria Limited' isn't really going to make it easy for you to be recognized as a brand.
When you sign up to be part of this program, you will learn how to turn any small business idea to a major business via branding and send your competition out of business.

The Team
Believe it or not, the kind of talents you have on your team will greatly determine how successful your business will be. In fact, most of the world's biggest venture capitalists have made it a point to value the team more than the product itself because at the end of the day, they are investing in the team and if the team is great, they can always build a better product if their current one is bad. A bad team is the end of the business and everyone knows this. And this mostly has to do with the management team (founders, executives).
When you sign up to be part of this program, you will learn how to assemble the right talents for your team and how to ensure you all have the same vision for the business.

Legal Matters
There is a reason why even big corporations like Microsoft has an army of lawyers. These lawyers are not for showoffs or to scare off lawsuits. If empires like Amazon could have the Government clamping down on them, how much you; a first-time entrepreneur starting your venture? If you want to stay in business, you have to know how the law can affect your business or at least have those who know this around you. You have to register/incorporate your business the right way, adhere to tax rules, follow the guidelines stipulated for companies in your industry etc. But then again, there are certain things that shouldn't be reserved for your lawyers alone and this includes your company formation. Especially how shares are divided among the founders as well as the vesting terms. It is only logical that you understand if you need patents, trademarks (and how to go about acquiring them) as well as everything on your Cap Table if you do not want to lose ownership of your company.
When you sign up to be part of this program, you will learn everything about founders stock as well as how to properly assign vesting terms, incorporation & other legal matters.

  The Product
Achieving product-market-fit is something every entrepreneur should thick off at the onset of the business. No matter how ground-breaking your product is and even if you think it solves the world's entire problem, if your target market isn't interested in it, you should as well just close up the business. In as much as the quality, design (et all) of the product is important, your main objective is to create what your customers actually want. If you are into tech, you have to understand that there is a difference between Tech Startup and internet/online business. This difference starts from your tech stack. If you think you own a tech startup and your MVP is on a hosting company, please go back to the drawing board. You really have no excuse now that Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and the likes are readily available to deploy your projects without drilling a hole in your pocket.
When you sign up to be part of this program, you will learn how to create & validate the right MVP that will make your users beg you to take their money.

Most times building something completely new is not an option since virtually everything you are passionate about has already been built but somehow, they contain certain flaws which you want to fix. At this point, you are being innovative & launching into a competitive market but you might think, oh, my product is better so people will have to abandon their previous product to get mine. Well, that won't just happen without a solid marketing strategy and it gets harder if the market is too competitive. Even some less competitive markets are held by a monopoly giant brand that could be a business suicide to dive into.
When you sign up to be part of this program, you will learn how to identify, capitalize on your competitive advantage and crush your competitors to claim your market share.

No matter how great your business idea is, if you don't have the money to implement it, it will remain just an IDEA and if you start it without proper funding, you risk crashing it entirely. Money is very important in running a business today and this is why you see big brands such as Uber still raising billions of US dollars in a series of funding year after year. However, no one expects you to have all the millions needed for the business at once as long as you have just enough to get it off the ground and gain some tractions. Now let's rephrase: To build a successful business, you need good money to at least get it off the ground and this first capital has to come from your pocket or family/friends who really believe in you because if you do not have enough faith in your business to put your money into, no outside investor will be that willing to invest in it. In other words, you have to start it with your money (along the line, others will let you use their money to continue/finish it) but do not wait until you have the full amount. Just start with whatever is available and try to have other sources of income that will help you sustain it while you work on generating revenue from the business or gaining an investor.
When you sign up to be part of this program, you will learn how to properly manage your finances, bootstrap your business, create side income streams and raise rounds of funding.

The Launch
Some people think real entrepreneurship means that they can just create a product, open a store or create a website and start selling to make big bucks. If those were the steps, everyone would be successful businessmen today but well, even when everything is in place, you still have to prepare a launch for your company/product if you want to draw in maximum attention and gain massive traction. An ideal launch will be picked up by the press. In fact, entrepreneurs who mean business know too well the importance of building momentum towards their launch. This has to do with gaining brand supporters who are not only anticipating your launch but are eager to tell everyone who cares to listen about the hottest new product coming to town. This do not only ease out the marketing effort on your part but will also quickly build up your business trust ratio/index.
When you sign up to be part of this program, you will learn how to strategize a dramatic launch that will get your business instant visibility and the awareness it needs for sales.

Did you that something as little as a pricing strategy is responsible for the low sales/patronage of many businesses today? Well, now you know. Generating good revenue from a business is a skill that should be hard-coded into every new generation entrepreneur but then again, wishes aren't horses. No matter how great the product, team et all is, if you don't have a solid revenue model that appeals to your customers, you will be out of business before you know it. Except you want to build one of those userbase traction-focused startups that keep raising rounds and rounds of funding to sustain the business and then get acquired or go IPO eventually, you will have to start generating good revenue at some point. And it should surpass profitability before the 3-year-mark.
Once you sign up to be part of this program, you will learn how to set-up your revenue model as a win-win for both you and your customers and reach profitability in record time.

Latii Brayllot
This program will involve a one on one personal interaction, advisory, consultation and coaching.
Get to work with the renowned double-time founder; Latii Brayllot. Founder & CEO of Slourish; the business micro-investing platform, Quilege; the talent-sourcing platform and the next generation digital marketing hub; pShoutor.

Learn how to turn your current small business/side hustle into a brand or build your own brand from ground zero, generate sales and gain international recognition in 6 months or less.

You may not know it yet but you are probably not the only one working on that your amazing idea.
The fastest way to gain a better market share for your business and generate good revenue is to launch before your direct competitors.

Are you ready to turn your idea into a business empire?


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