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Top 7 qualities of a great freelance profile and how to apply them


Life is too brief and this gives us a very limited time to achieve what we want. As a result, it's almost a necessity for us to save time by learning from other people's experiences and as a freelancer, it's only logical that you take a look at what the experts are doing right to help you figure out what works and what doesn't. 

This does not only save you the time you would have spent carrying out your various experiments in hopes of hitting it big but also, it gives you a clear picture of what your success in the freelance world depends on.

The sole aim of being a freelancer is to gain good jobs from quality paying clients (if you are yet to be a freelancer, get started here) and we all know that this works more when you have a great profile. 

The success of a freelancer always depends on a lot of little things but the nature of his/her profile certainly determines if a client will even consider doing business with him/her at all. 

The easiest way to quickly advance your freelancing game will be to study the profiles of the successful freelancers in your niche and apply the same principles to yours. Now, what does the successful freelance profiles have in common?

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Offer Conversion

When clients log on to a freelance platform to award a project, they start by sorting through or searching for freelancers with such skills and the platform determines whose profile comes up first and believe me, they always feature their best freelancers first. 

This means, the experts always get the job and how do they know who the experts? Through the service conversion rate of course! For instance, freelance platforms such as Fiverr keeps track of the conversion rate of each gig over a 30-day period. 

This means profiles with a higher percentage of people buyers compared to the number of people who viewed the gig.

Whether on the front page, listing page or on search results, conversion is most certainly going to affect your chances of being featured or listed first before others. 

Just as you guessed, these platforms don't make any money until a job gets awarded to a freelancer and this pretty much means they have to try as much as possible to showcase the profiles of the successful freelancers to paying clients so, as a freelancer who wants to join the freelance success gang, you have to make your profile really appealing and able to turn more viewers into buyers faster.

You need to fully set up your offer (gig, hourlie etc.) with quality images, videos and written descriptions as well as your portfolio. Here's how to setup yourself up successful on Fiverr, UpWork, PeoplePerHour, FreeeUp, Guru, Freelancer, JobDone etc

All successful freelance experts have learnt to utilize this fully to their advantage and it's time you join the winning team. 

Learn to create and maintain a track record of converting your service viewers to customers and the platform wouldn't hesitate to flood your inbox with more jobs.

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Customer Rating

Even as a newbie, the fact that every successful profile on your freelance platform has tons of positive reviews can't skip your observation. 

The importance of this should not be underestimated as a profile with no positive feedback repels customers faster than the speed of light. 

This as you know, is because buyers like to be persuaded to try out new sellers and the best way to be sure they will get the value of their money is by checking the reviews of the previous buyers.

While several great profiles lack positive ratings (most clients don't wait to write a review) and still make quite a few sales, it is important to note that a profile without a good number of positive feedback is indirectly telling potential customers a few things such as;

you are an inexperienced freelancer, you have a poor customer satisfaction rate, you do a bad job with poor quality or delivery rate etc. 

Successful freelancers shoot as close to a 100% positive feedback as possible and also have a higher percentage of customers leaving a review.

To join the freelance success gang and draw in more quality sales, you need to take your customer ratings seriously from all angles. 

Consider putting out a notice for customers to live a feedback and practice some aftersales communication with your customers to remind them of the need to leave a feedback. 

This also helps you figure out the part of your service that needs some improvement and could also help you generate more sales from such a customer. 

Also, the volume of your feedback matters so, try as much as possible to gain a positive review from every single client you work with. You may also be interested in how to build a profitable membership website using the free Joomla CMS - This is the exact step by step guide on how I built

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Repeated Sales.

This is also one of the major traits of most successful freelance profiles on the internet today. They don't always hustle for new clients as the few loyal customers keep them busy all day long. 

This is to say, they have an average of at least 2 sells per customer and if you ask me, that is pretty much a huge feat. 

It's never easy to keep a customer coming back but when you do it right, a few customers could make you hundreds of dollars of dollars. Also, new customers are very much attracted to profiles like these. Or who wouldn't?

There is, of course, a good reason for customers to keep ordering for more services and every other customer would want to find this out by joining the trail. 

Remember the 80/20 rule? Well, it applies to freelance customers too! This has been a clear observation of mine that most of my sales come from just a fraction of my loyal customers and it's time to also learn to build a loyal list of prospects. 

Thankfully, there is no hidden formula for doing this. In fact, you only have to deliver a great service and your customers will likely find you if they need your services again in the future.

In addition to offering an excellent service, you should probably keep in touch with your customers. Build some post-sales habits. 

If you abandon your customers immediately after making a getting paid, your risk losing further sales from that customer. 

In fact, don't wait to be contacted by your customers. Take the service to them. Tell them you are available to do more of their projects. 

Be friendly and let them know of your intention of bringing in a better version of your services. Whatever you do, remember to work smart, not hard.

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Number of Orders.

Once again, just like you, the freelance platform is out to make money and are only interested in featuring freelancers who make them money – The more money you make, the more money they make since they take a commission off every sale you make. 

All successful freelancers got to that position because they got more sells and to get more sells, your offer has to get to clients more often and on platforms such as UpWork and PeoplePerHour where you have to bid for jobs, profiles of freelancers with a lot more orders tend to get the job.

This is because clients are flooding that profile for a reason and every new buyer wants an expert to handle their project and as such, would choose the freelancer with more proven sells – The more sells you make, the more successful you are and the closer you are to being an expert. 

The number of orders on a profile is one of the major signs of a successful freelancer. One simple trick used by many Fiverr freelancers is to pile up a good number of pending orders just to appear as a hot cake in the field and this always brings in more jobs.

This is to say, they are never quick to deliver their services. When a potential customer looks up your profile and sees several pending orders, he is more likely going to buy from you too – Yes, pending orders tend to also serve as a proof that your services are worth paying for. 

However, too many delays to your service delivery is bound to hurt your success so, you should handle this with caution or you should just focus on winning more jobs and building your profile with relevant details which will increase your order rates to a reasonable number and in turn, your profile will rank hider and more orders will flow in. 

Meanwhile, have you considered affiliate marketing? Here's a complete guide to getting you started.

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Offers and add-ons

If as a freelancer and you offer only a single service with no addon, you are losing a lot more money than you think. 

Successful freelancers do the exact opposite as the more gig extra (addon) they have, the more jobs get awarded and the more money they make. 

One of the major reasons this work so fine is because customers have the tendency to want to order all their services one place. 

For instance, if I want someone to build me a website, I would appreciate if that same person can set up my hosting account, create backlinks etc.

This means, if you have additional skills (there are over 64 marketable freelance service skills) that are related to your actual service, it's only logical that you include them. 

Also, the platform makes more money when you do so, they are more likely going to feature someone with a lot more earning potential (gig extra, addons etc.) compared to someone with no extra service. 

But then again, you should remember not to flood your profile with irrelevant services as that is a major turn off. You probably need to clear out any perception of 'jack of all trade' off your profile.

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Pricing strategy

Except on Fiverr where your pricing is limited to $5, it's almost always tempting to enlist your services with the highest possible fee but if you intend to build a successful career, you need to brush off that little greed as the price of your offer will surely affect your sales. 

Most successful freelancers know this and have completely utilized it. As I earlier advised, you should first of all drop whatever pricing you had in your head and take a look at the average cost of working with the top freelancers in your niche on your platform.

What price are they demanding for their services? Take note that these are experts and are even supposed to charge a higher price than you but yet, they usually end up putting up a lower or normal price. 

Well, customers are normally drawn to freelancers that can do a great job with a smaller pay. This doesn't mean you should go short-charging yourself but you should take the cost of your service into serious consideration when setting them up. 

No one wants to pay $500 for something they could get for $400. You may want to follow my financial education series.

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Delivery Rate

If you have been in the game long enough like me, you will probably observe that most clients seem to be in a haste to get their jobs done and the successful freelancers have learned to use this to their advantage. 

This is to say, most of these guys have a great delivery rate within the shortest time possible. For instance, an average freelancer would set 5days to complete a web design job but the experts would do that in 2-4 days! 

Now, tell me, who would a client choose? It's very possible for a client to award the job to someone with a longer delivery period but the chances are very slim.

As a matter of fact, a shorter delivery period only portrays you as someone with a lot of experiences, someone who knows what he's doing and someone who is willing to focus and complete his projects on time. 

However, it's never advisable to set a time-frame that you are not comfortable with. If you know you can't do your job in 3 days, please do not advertise it as such. If you do, you are only shooting yourself in the foot. 

Set the shortest possible time-frame and ensure you complete the job before then. Keep a good track record of a good delivery rate and more jobs will flood your inbox.


It is by learning from other people's mistake that we quickly advance in life while being armed against unnecessary pitfalls. 

Well, as a freelancer, the best way to enhance your game is by taking a look at the profiles of the successful experts in the field to find what you aren't doing right and thankfully, I have listed the major factors above.

Overall, not everyone is built for the online freelancing platforms and if you are one of them, consider freelancing offline. In good faith, I believe your freelance career will be a lot easier after implementing these few tips so, feel free to share your thoughts.

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