Here is an interesting fact: Americans would pay $2,700 for an extra hour a day. If you ever wished for a 25-hour day, you know you are in a big club.

Being a productive person is almost the crown jewel of being a human in the 21st century. Everyone wants to cram more into less time. Live a life that's optimized for focus and use the latest tools to get more done.

Could that be a wrong approach to productivity, however? Wanting more time? Benjamin Hardy certainly thinks it is. In a Medium piece, Benjamin who is a Ph.D. student in Organizational Psychology proposes a new way to be more productive that transcends "constant doing."

"Insanely productive people have learned the two most important things every person needs to know in this life: who they are, and what their purpose (path) in life is," Benjamin writes.

According to him, that's the place to start the journey to being more productive. He went on to share 15 things insanely productive people know and do that most people don't. I have summarized four of those here that I think applies the most to entrepreneurs. Here:

1: Extremely productive people know who they are.

Why people want more hours in the day is because they never feel they've done enough. For Benjamin, "it doesn't matter how much you "accomplish" in your life if it's not the life you really wanted to live." Nothing will matter if internally, you don't have confidence in your identity.

The hallmark of a non-productive person is that they "seek security externally," writes Benjamin. "Every person on this planet is a unique individual with a unique opportunity to serve and give in their own personal way. You can't do that work until you know who you are."

2: Productive people don't care what other people are doing or thinking. 
Productive people focus on what they are doing over spending the time to keep track of other people: their "competition." Benjamin writes; "Insanely productive people spend very little if any of their time worrying about what other people are doing. They put their heads down and execute."

Seth Godin shares a similar idea in his pithy piece on speed and comparison. "Passing the slow cars on the road is an illusion, a chance to fool yourself into thinking you're making good progress. To a sloth, even a loris is a speedster" – Seth Godin. The goal is to be better than you were yesterday.

3: Highly productive people care about serving other people.

Although they don't care what other people think or do, they care intensely about serving other people and making others feel better. Many studies have confirmed that helping other people leave you feeling more empowered. Helping people is also known to help people find inner peace.

"Insanely productive people are incredibly empathetic. They relate to people on their level. They're relevant and connect. They influence with their love. Those they serve can feel it and they're changed," Benjamin writes. So, step out of the traffic for a bit and help someone.

4. They don't ask for permissions

"Most people wait. They believe they can start after they have enough time, money, connections, and credentials. They wait until they feel "secure." Not insanely productive people" writes Benjamin. Productive people just move.