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Want your dream job? Here's how to get it - Quilege


The question of how to land your dream job has never been off the table until now. Whether you are just fresh out of school and your aim is to hit that big job offer or

you are currently employed in the organization but want a better position, the steps to getting your dream job are literally equivalent.

This is a subject that has been ignorantly conversed among peers across the labour market and beyond but finding the solution seemed like an unimaginable feat.

How exactly do you plan to get your dream job? Yes, answering this question may seem tough for an average job seeker but, in reality, it's actually achieved with fewer complications.

You start by being the ideal candidate for that position in that company. What does the employer want from the workers in his establishment?

How do you even get acknowledged by the employer? What does it take to win that interview for that position? Is there anything hindering your progress/success on being the best candidate?

Fortunately, I'm writing from a substantial perspective of several justifiable experiences of some industry leaders who broke the barriers, rising from the dust to the top of their career ladder.

This means, you are in good hands and in no time, you will uncover the simple glaring steps that would catapult your efforts.

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Set your career goals

To get started, you first need to map out your desired career path in a step by step sequence as it simplifies the process.

It's significantly easier when you outline your strengths and how you could put them to good use. To be exact, you need to identify what your dreams are and reconcile with the concept behind it.

You also need to be sure you can achieve it (you can do whatever you want if you put your mind to it because success as you know, starts with your mindset) and figure out if it will give you the satisfaction and fulfilment you want.

For instance, if you have a knack for accounting, start by asking yourself how your education has shaped your role in the professional world.

Perhaps, you wish to go into a more managerial role, well, you should start by figuring out what your experience is in this area and how well you can utilize it.

How about if your career goal is to start your own business as an entrepreneur? Be it as it may, having a clear idea of your starting point will lead to a better understanding of your final destination.

Why do you think you can do it? Remember that if you are not passionate about your profession, you risk being worn out at work and eventually, be a liability to your organization who wouldn't hesitate to leave you behind.

Don't go picking a course in an unfamiliar industry just to please your friends and family or because of the salary packages.

Your goal at this point is to choose what you love. Here's are some tips to help you choose the career best suited for you.

Sometimes, we tend to have more than one vision for our life goals. We find ourselves wanting to play two or more roles in the professional market and because we love them both, it becomes a huge challenge in making an accurate choice.

This shouldn't be all that dramatic as we could still be all we want to be however, we ought to have a focus. As the saying goes; 'Jack of all trades is a master of none'.

In the professional world, to be taken seriously and possibly regarded as an expert in the field, one needs to have a direct impact on a particular area of speciality.

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Know the requirements

The best way to do this is through a thorough research. Sometimes, a proper research on a successful company in your niche would reveal a lot more than just what they pay their employees.

Try to find out what the recruiters and industry leaders would want to find in their ideal job candidate. Who do they think would be better qualified for that role you admire.

Read industry reports and learn from professionals in your field. Ask and figure out what requirements are for someone of your career path.

You could also check out popular job boards in your region as well as professional platforms such as LinkedIn to determine the demands of the current job market.

Locate your dream job and read the job description. What do they want you to be able to do? What is expected of you as regards to skills? What is your main role?

What is the entry criteria? Why will they even consider you? This is certainly a valuable learning process for every job seeker because as you gain awareness of the skills required by the employers in your field,

you will be able to assess what activities/courses/programmes are committed to actually teaching you and developing those skills.

It is when you know where you are going and how to get there that arriving at the destination becomes possible. This is the right time to start finding out your actual requirements.

Researching your chosen career will help you better understand what you need in order to get where you want.

To effectively build a great career, one needs to lay out the plans on how to get there and the best and easiest way to do that is through concrete facts surrounding what you need and the route to take to get there.

It's no news that most professional roles demand that you have some experience, skills as well as a bag of top-notch qualifications so,

your goal at this point is to figure out the right one they need. Having a Master Degree in economics won't make a much positive impact in your bid to gain an engineering job.

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Lay the foundation

As a prospective job seeker, there are certain foundations you need to put in place ahead of your hot career days.

Laying the foundation for your dream job does not only arm you for the job hunt battle ahead but also simplifies the process and eliminates all unnecessary delays in your career path.

If you are a student, then, here are the right foundations you need to lay for hitting your dream job in your chosen career path.

It's best you start from the root – even before your undergraduate days but it's still not too late to start laying the foundation for that excellent career choice now.

How do you lay the foundation? It's all about building your skills, experience and network. You can start by putting in place all that is required of aspirants of your chosen profession.

Take volunteer jobs, internships or courses relating to your field. Then, you walk your way through adding the required skills to building a better network capable of connecting you to the recruiters in your preferred workplace.

In a nutshell, you should use every opportunity to mingle and network with those at the helms of affairs while building your portfolio with some quality skills, educational qualification as well as work experiences.

Here's are some activities to keep you very proactive and productive in this aspect. Laying the foundation is like building yourself to be best suited for your target job.

It simply helps you eliminate the time you normally would spend trying you climb to a better position.

While other fresh graduates with a less prepared professional identity are struggling to get an entry-level job, you who laid the foundation during your undergraduate/postgraduate studies would be getting multiple offers for several management positions.

If you don't start laying the foundation, you risk being sidelined while your colleagues get bigger offers.

Start understanding your industry and taking the necessary steps on making yourself an asset with the appropriate skills as well as gaining a foothold in the industry by connecting with the employers and industry leaders.

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Be an invaluable asset

Being an asset or someone of great value to any company would mean that you are better equipped physically and mentally as well as being educationally sound and able to accomplish complex tasks in record time.

An ability to tackle problems head-on as though they are nothing other than mere challenges is indeed a quality most establishments can ignore.

To land your dream job easily, you need to make yourself irresistible – career-wise. What impact do you think you can make in your target workplace?

Why should the employer choose you? What value can you add to the team or organization at large? How will you acquire the needed skill?

It is only logical that you begin to build yourself up as the ideal candidate for that dream job right after you discover what is required of it in the labour market.

Hence, you have to tailor your decisions and actions towards the relating factors. In time, you will find it easier and a lot less complicated when you implement the steps (on being a top-notch professional in your industry) into your daily activities.

Your overall aim here is to demonstrate your strengths in a number of skills. This is why it is important to know your industry because if you do,

then you are in the position to know the right skills to develop and enhance to increase your chances for that dream.

You need to build a strong quantitative background around your chosen career path. There are various factors to take into account but at the end of the day,

all roads lead to what you have to offer – your skills and qualifications. You will have to devote a lot of time in learning and developing the required skills.

Does the job require a professional certificate other than just your undergraduate degree? Why not add it to your portfolio?

Also, remember a post-graduate study favours most candidates in their career endeavours. However, none of these can erase the importance of personal development and applied skills in a practical sense.

Most employers are very much interested in all the practical ways you can extend your learning curve. Having just a B.Sc. is no longer enough.

Anyone can acquire that so if you intend to up your game and be the ultimate winner in the dream job struggle, you need to stand out.

Consider handling actual projects with companies, hitting some milestones to add to your accomplishments and keeping a solid track record of quality achievements.

All these can be acquired easily while in school through some extracurricular activities and training courses/programmes as well as volunteer jobs and internships.

If you are in the tech industry, it's pretty much a requirement to have some website management or development skills.

Whether your organization demands it or not, you need to be a bit tech savvy or probably be more advanced to the Server level as it's indeed,

a plus that makes you more valuable than your colleagues. In fact, these days, virtually everyone needs to have some level of proficiency over the internet operations.

Being able to handle Microsoft Office suite is no longer enough and that's why I have prepared a Blueprint on how I built without coding.

The Blueprint is a step by step guide on how to setup literally any type of website using Joomla! and most importantly,

you could make it another source of income through freelancing or you could simply setup a profitable membership website like mine.

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Make your intention known

At this point you are almost out of school and probably bracing yourself for your professional career but wait, how do you showcase yourself to your future employers?

Perhaps, you already have a less-valued job and you have developed the required skills to get that hotshot position but you are still sceptical on how to be the ultimate winner, perhaps, because you stand the chance to lose your current job in the process.

This is a crucial step and the fastest and the most effective way to get that dream job is via Quilege. Quilege is a talent-sourcing platform which focuses on testing Quilegers for their strengths/weaknesses and talents/skills,

providing more learning options to help them improve their skills or polish up their talents for the great career ahead and connecting them to quality career opportunities.

Thousands of verified recruiters and corporate executives use Quilege to source for the best candidates and as a result, Quilegers have 5x better chance of getting their dream job - faster and easier. To get started, log onto However, if you do not want to use Quilege, just read on.

You could simply start by submitting your well-crafted CV/Resume to your chosen organizations but that in most cases,

could be a failed attempt because most recruiters don't bother reading CVs anymore (except they asked for it) since they get hundreds of it every day.

Well, this is the time to utilize all the networking opportunities you've come across. Attend galas and dinner parties of the rich.

Visit showrooms, art galleries or anywhere people in your industry can be found. You should precisely be found where the rich and well-to-do people are.

If possible, fly business class and use the opportunity to highlight your intention in a less obvious way. Don't act desperate as this will put you at the mercy of others.

Instead, project confidence and demonstrate your level of intellect and experience in the field. Remember that your goal is to make your future employer see you as a valuable asset. Leave your comfort zone and begin to meet potential employers.

When online, stay glued to the pages of those in your field and industry at large. Don't wait for job alerts,

make contact with other professionals already holding the roles you want as your dream job and politely relay important questions such as whether there are employment opportunities coming up for such positions as well as how they got to where they are.

Your goal is to increase your chances of being selected for that dream job and believe me or not, getting the job is a lot easier when someone in the company recommends you or if you can sell yourself completely to the employer during your networking period.

Most times, if you make the right connection, you will instantly get a job offer, skipping the interview process.

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Be the best candidate

Finally, you have gotten an interview, hurray! But being a professional in most industries is already very competitive and merely having your B.Sc. no longer guarantees anything.

The high unemployment rate (limited vacancies) in most regions is also a major player as regards to the difficulty in getting the quality job you need.

To make it through, your goal at this point is to stand out from the crowd and make yourself irresistible to your target employer.

Whatever method you think you can utilize, you should completely sell yourself and leave the interviewers astonished by your outstanding presentation.

Your CV/resume also needs to complement your verbal pitches. Here are 30 inline tips to help you ace your job interview.

In the end, you should leave your interview absolutely impressed. Remember to outline/mention your relevant accomplishments that will show your future employer that you have worked hard (you should actually work smart) to develop your skills.

In fact, you will discover that if you added the required skills, qualification and experience, your level of confidence will be a lot higher and would greatly impact your interview success positively.

All your previous efforts have led to this point and it's your time to shine so, there's no room for error, no time to fumble.

What you really need to do is make your interviewers acknowledge you as a more suitable candidate for the job.

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While it's true that not everyone cares about having a white color job as some people are very much less ambitious and would be content with a less simple job if it pays the bills,

we cannot completely ignore the fact that even those simple jobs are getting very competitive and tougher to get by the minute and as such,

one only needs to apply a little more strategy to be hired ahead of other candidates. Thankfully, these same steps above would most certainly aid your efforts in getting your dream job.

Taking the time to reflect on your professional goals and dedicating sufficient resources to pursuing them will undoubtedly yield rewarding results.

Anyway, here are some tips on how to build a successful career but always remember that your idea of a great job is always ready to welcome you the moment you take the necessary actions required to gain it. 

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